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100 Hours Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh, India

The basic question arises in our mind is What is yoga?"Yoga means "union".It is the union of physical, mental and spiritual exercise or practices that originated in the ancient India times, which makes our living simple, stress-free and easy in this Modern World. In this 21st century, we all are facing different types of problems be it physical or mental. No one is satisfied or happy with their life. But we are blessed that we have found this miracle called Yoga that has come out as a single hand solution to all our worldly problems.
Yoga is helping millions of people in their life. As Yoga originated in India by Adiyogi, Pure Soul Yoga School is acting as a medium and spreading his teachings across the world. As yoga was never meant to follow blindly we have experienced Teachers who have conquered perfection in yoga. Pure Soul Yoga School offers a range of training as per your suitability. We have 100 Hour Teacher Training, 200 Hour Teacher Training, 300 Hour Teacher Training and 500 Hour Teacher Training.

100 hours yoga teacher training rishikesh
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Overview of 100 Hours Yoga Teacher Training

"My Body Is My Temple And Asanas Are My Prayers" - B.K.S. Iyengar

A famous quote by Bks Iyengar About Yoga. This single quote has a collective aspect of yoga teachings. Pure soul Yoga School aims to spread this mantra to a maximum number of people, by emphasizing on the importance of "Yoga" through the said quote. Our 100 hour yoga teacher Training put the emphasis on Ancient Hatha yoga. In Hatha Yoga "ha" means sun and "tha" means moon. This generally focuses on creating a balance of the body and spirit. As the sun and the moon behave contrasty, hatha yoga focuses on the balance creation and uniting the opposites. Basically it helps in creating stability in your life by bringing a wave of calmness and placidity.

Pure Soul Yoga School, gives you a basic understanding of Yoga Practices and is capable of sharing with others. You will get an empirical knowledge of asanas, pranayamas, kriyas, chantings, mudras, bandhas with a theoretical understanding of yogic philosophies and concepts.

Daily Pranayamas and meditation will help sharpen your thinking, stimulate your nervous system and enlighten your inner strengths. Our 100-hour yoga teacher training will teach you yogic discipline, healthy diet and cleaning habits. When you get certified at the end of the process, these mannerisms will stay with you throughout your life and make you stand apart from the normality.

Syllabus of 100 hour Yoga Teacher Training Course

Mantra Chanting

Mantra Chanting is Sacred utterance of Mantra to pierce to the Unconscious mind. Chanting Mantra aloud gives relaxation to the mind and steady shift to positive vibes.

The benefits of Mantra Chanting are:

  • Mantra Chanting stimulates the endocrine system.
  • Mantra Chanting helps lower your blood pressure
  • It is the best way to reduce stress and adrenaline levels
  • This helps in sharpening your brain and broadening the thinking level.

Hatha Yoga

Hatha refers to physical yoga postures Ashtanga, vinyasa, Iyengar and power Yoga classes are part of Hatha Yoga

The benefits of Hatha Yoga are:

  • Hatha Yoga improves your mood and controls over your desires.
  • Hatha Yoga gives you Healthy and Glowing Skin
  • Hatha Yoga improves your immunity level by which your body fights from a disease.
  • Hatha yoga increases bone density and lowers the risk of fractures.

Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga

In this style, practitioners are recommended to memorize the yoga. The trainer then comes and modify the practitioner

Benefits Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga:

  • Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga helps in Reducing Body Fat percentage.
  • It Helps in Increasing strength of your body which helps to improve your muscle tone.
  • In Ashtanga Vinyasa the continuous vinyasas keeps the heart rate up which helps in cardiovascular fitness.

Pranayama (breathing Technique)

Pranayama is a Technique or practises of breath control. It consists of the art of inhalation and exhalation of air through using your lungs.

Benefits of Pranayama or breathing Technique:

  • Pranayama helps to balance energy and it balances the procedure of Mood swings.
  • It helps the body to get rid of waste material from your body and remove toxins from your body.
  • Performing Pranayama helps you to keep your lungs healthy and increase blood circulation throughout the body.


Meditation is the practise where an individual meditates or focus his or her mind on one particular Object. Meditation is the art of becoming a better version of yourself.

Benefits of Meditation:

  • Meditation helps to improve Emotional Health.
  • People at older age Go through memory loss, Meditation Help to Reduce Age-related Memory loss.
  • The best benefit of meditation is to help the individual to Fight from addictions.

Kriya Yoga

The Kriya yoga is a set of pranayama, mantra, and mudra which are based on techniques to get spiritual Communication and God-communion. Kriya Yoga focus is performed to achieve that one thing that is their Goal.

Benefits of Kriya yoga:

  • People suffering from high blood pressure get an advantage of kriya yoga. Kriya yoga help to reduce blood pressure.
  • It helps practitioners suffering from stress, it helps pain tolerance level and reduces stress level.
  • It helps increase concentration and memory power which overall increases Learning Ability.

Yoga Philosophy

Study includes the teaching of oneself, physically, mentally and spiritually. It also teaches us about the Seven Chakras of the Human Body. Our 100-hour yoga teacher training includes Teaching about Yoga philosophy which will enhance your Knowledge and Experience in Yoga.

Benefits of Learning Yoga Philosophy:

  • It helps the Practitioner to learn all the Principles of yoga.
  • The basic principle of Yoga Philosophy are Exercise, diet, breathing, relaxation and Meditation

100 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Course Module

  • Surya Namaskara
  • Padangusthasana
  • Utthita Trikonasana
  • Utthita Parsvakonasana
  • Parivrtta Trikonasana
  • Utthita Parsvakonasana
  • Parivrtta Parsvakonasana
  • Prasarita Padottanasana A, B, C D
  • Parsvottanasana
  • Utkatasana
  • Utthita Hasta Padangusthasana A, B, C, D
  • Arddha Baddha Padmottanasana
  • Uttana Padasana
  • Sirsasana A, B
  • Balasana
  • Baddha Padmasana
  • Urdhva Padmasana
  • Pindasana
  • Virabhadrasana A, B
  • Urdhva Dhanurasana
  • Salamba Sarvangasana
  • Padmasana
  • Setu Bandhasana
  • Halasana
  • Karnapidasana
  • Matsyasana

Brief Description Of 100 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Modules:

  • Surya Namaskara(sun salutation A)- Surya Namaskar is a basic yoga nevertheless a single yoga pose equivalent to 288 yoga poses. This single pose consists of a 12 step process, which is done to show a humble gratitude to surya and in a way a thanks to the Sun.
  • Padangusthasana- This pose gently stretches your body and helps bring flexibility. Meaning of padangusthasana is “Big Toes”.The value of padangusthasana is that it stretches the hamstrings, calves, backbone, and abdomen muscle. The other benefit of padangusthasana is it stimulates the liver and kidneys.
  • Utthita Trikonasana- Trikonasana or Extended triangle pose is not usually not recommended for people with a back problem. In this asana, the practitioner has to stretch his leg and bend sideways and touch your palm on the floor. This yoga pose helps in abdominal organs and helps indigestion. It gives strength to your legs, ankles and feet.
  • Parivritta Trikonasana- It is a counter pose of trikonasana. It gives flexibility to the hip joints which help indigestion. It gives starch to the back muscle which removes the stiffness from and sprains from the lower back. It relieves mild back pain. It opens the chest to improve breathing.
  • Utthita Parsvakonasana- Utthita Parsvakonasana or Side angle pose.This yoga pose focuses on many muscle group legs, ankles, groin, chest, lungs, shoulders, spine, and abdomen. It helps in increasing stamina and another benefit of utthita parsvakonasana is it gives stretch on groins, spine, waist, chest and lungs, and shoulders.
  • Parivritta Parsvakonasana- Popularly named as Revolved Side Angle Pose. It directs the blood flow in the abdominal and spinal region. The benefit of this yoga pose is it helps in improving balance and help in aids elimination.
  • Prasarita Padottanasana A, B, C D- The meaning of the word Prasarita Padottanasana is a spread-out-feet intense stretch. The common name of this asana is (Wide-Legged Standing Forward Bend ). The benefit of Prasarita Padottanasana is it helps improve hip joint flexibility which is the common problem found on older women. Another benefit of Prasarita Padottanasana is it creates length in the spine.
  • Parsvottanasana- Parsvottanasana or Intense Side Stretch Pose is standing and forward bending yoga poses in modern yoga exercise. It is also known to be therapeutic for flat feet. It is a mid-way pose between Parivrtta Trikonasana and Utthita Trikonasana. This asana is really helpful for people with bad posture. It helps to maintain good posture.
  • Utkatasana- Popularly known as Chair pose. It is performed by low squatting.this pose help in Strengthens the thighs and ankles.
  • Setu Bandhasana- it is also known as shoulder supported bridge. This yoga asana is an inverted back-bending asana in hatha yoga. This yoga pose helps people with migraine and people suffering from depression.
  • Halasana- This asana includes Karnapidasana with the knees by the ears and Supta Konasana with the feet wide apart. It helps in stimulating the thyroid gland. It relieves the symptoms of menopause.
  • Karnapidasana- This pose is also known as ear pressure pose. To perform this pose, begin by lying on the back. Raise the leg overhead and then behind the head. The bent knees touch the ears. This pose is helpful for people suffering from asthma as it gives strength to the lungs. The other benefit of Karnapidasana it controls Hyperextension.
  • Matsyasana- It is also as fish pose which is reclining back-bending asana. The amazing benefit of matsyasana it improves metabolism. It also removes the soreness of muscles.
  • Padmasana- Lotus position is a cross-legged sitting yoga pose from ancient India. In Padmasana, each foot is placed on the opposite thigh. This pose helps in keep joints and ligaments flexible. Padmasana help to strengthen the pelvic region.
  • Urdhva Padmasana- Popularly known as Shoulder stand. In this Asana practitioner have to sit in padmasana and lift his hips up and his back with the hands. This asana helps blood flow it to the brain.
  • Uttpluthih- In this pose, the practitioner performs lotus pose and with the help of their hands(palms), they try to lift the body upside. This pose helps Strengthens Wrists, arms, and abdomen. It also helps formation your lotus.
  • Savasana- Also known as, Mrtasana, is an asana in hatha yoga used for relaxation at the end of a yoga session. In this pose the practitioner act as dead and feel fully relaxed. Savasana helps to remove stress from the body and your sense of physical and emotional well being.

Daily Schedule For 100 Hours YTTC

Time Activity
6:00 - 6:30 AM Prayer
6:30 - 7:30 AM Shat Kriya Pranayama
7:30 - 9:00 AM Hatha Asana
9:00- 10:00 AM Breakfast
10:00- 11:00 AM Yoga Philosophy
11:00 - 12:00 PM Anatomy Physiology
12:00 - 01:00 PM Karma Yoga
Time Activity
1:00 - 2:00 PM Lunch
2:00 - 4:00 PM Study Time
4:00 - 4:30 PM Tea Break
4:30 - 6:00 PM Astanga Asana
6:00-7:00 PM Meditation
7:00 - 8:00 PM Dinner
8:00 - 9:00 PM (Weekend Satsang/Yoga Audio, Video/Special class etc)

Course Schedule Of 100 Hour YTTC

Dates Availability Price Registration
2nd Mar to 14th Mar 2020 Available $ 899 Apply Now
2nd Apr to 14th Apr 2020 Available $ 899 Apply Now
2nd May to 14th May 2020 Available $ 899 Apply Now
2nd June to 14th June 2020 Available $ 899 Apply Now
2nd July to 14th July 2020 Available $ 899 Apply Now
2nd Aug to 14th Aug 2020 Available $ 899 Apply Now
2nd Sept to 14th Sept 2020 Available $ 899 Apply Now

Note: The Complete Course Fees Of 100 Hour Yoga Teacher Training In India With Shared Accommodation $899 USD

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Ethical Guidelines for YTTC Students

  • Pure soul Yoga school inculcates and follows the approach that the sagacity of Yoga prevails in each step of the monotonous regime of both the students and teachers.
  • Our praxis embodies the code of conduct which gradually gets imprinted in the lifestyle of students aspiring to adapt to the yogic lifestyle.
  • As yoga has spread across the world and taken its diversified forms, the approach of studying Yoga in its birthplace would be a varying experience as the approach we have ingrained in our schedule is derived from traditional and ancient approaches of learning yoga. These could get quite unparalleled from that of western schools of yoga.
  • Pure soul yoga school expects that the decorum of the school is maintained by our students and all the requisites of transforming a normal lifestyle into a yogic lifestyle are honestly and dedicatedly followed by the students.
  • All the practices of yoga are followed raw which means modified yoga asanas are strictly prohibited. Pure soul yoga school invites the candidates who are willing to adapt the original and traditional practices wholeheartedly.

Evaluation & Certification of 100 Hour Yoga Teacher Training

Pure Soul Yoga School will provide you with certification on 100 hour yoga teacher training. This certificate will certify you as a yoga trainer. The certificate will help you gain the reputation and it acts as verified marked to your yogic life.

Pure Soul Yoga School, manage to form a long term relationship with their students. We always make sure that our teachings are providing you with maximum results and benefits. To make our students more confident we take assessments which are based on the written and practical evaluation. There is an old saying that to be a good teacher, first, you have to be a good student. This evaluation process is to advance your learning and help you improve on your weakness. Here is how Pure Soul Yoga School evaluate their students in yoga teacher training.

  • Assessments will be based on Written Examination.
  • Evaluation is based on Asana Practical Test.
  • Student Discipline will be a part of the assessment criteria.
  • The evaluation will be carried out only for those students who have a minimum of 90% attendance.

Accommodation and Food facilities For YTTC Yogic

From Pure soul Yoga school the view of chattering birds in the early morning, shiny rays of sun penetrating through holy river Ganga and fresh air of the Himalayas, rejuvenate each morning and makes you feel alive. The view from the balcony is mesmerising and spellbind. During our yoga teacher training course, you are staying at Pure Soul Yoga School which is next to Laxman Jhula along with the holy river Ganga. Performing yoga at our location energizes the mind and body.

Pure Soul Yoga School offers both Private and Shared rooms set to students according to their preference. We do not compromise with hygiene, toilets, bedrooms, and bedsheets are cleaned up daily. Wifi, water and laundry service are also provided to our students. Basic amenities or essential things like atm, shops, cafes, restaurants and most import organic stores are nearby making it convenient for our students. Pure Soul Yoga School, offer budget-friendly accommodation facilities to their students.

Pure Soul Yoga School provides healthy and tasty yogic meals. We strictly pay attention to hygiene while preparing the food and all our meals are prepared by an expert. All eatables that we provide are grown organically.

We can't deny the fact that a " Healthy mind lives in a healthy body". Most people think that practising yoga is enough for your body and soul. Pure Soul Yoga School not only teaches perfection in asana but also provides full yogic life exposure to our students. The food we eat is good for our body and mind. Practising yoga with our healthy and organic meals gives you unlimited advantages. Healthy food will help you to learn yoga faster and boost your self-confidence in your yogic journey.

The following meals are included:

  • Breakfast
  • Lunch
  • Dinner

The following dietary requirement(s) are served and/or catered:

  • 100% Vegetarian Food
  • Raw food
  • Fruitarian
  • Lactose-Free
  • Lemon and green tea
  • Organic
  • Yogic
  • Ayurvedic
  • Other dietary requirements on request

Who Can Join This Yoga Teacher Training Course?

  • This Course is especially For an individual who wants to learn the basics of Yoga Teacher Training before taking Full Yoga Teacher Training This 100-hour course will cover all the basic elements of yoga including Mantra chanting, Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga, Hatha yoga, breathing and much more.
  • One who doesn't have much time: This course is best for one who doesn't have much more time than 100 hours for this Yoga Teacher Training.
  • For a beginner: Before enrolling for this course you should have at least a home daily practice of yoga. If you are a beginner and you are looking for 100-hour yoga teacher training this programme is best for you. 300 or 500-hour YTT course will be more advanced for you. After this 100 hour training, you will be a good candidate to enrol for 100-hour yoga teacher training in Rishikesh.

Discipline Rules for students

  • The use of intoxicated things in class such as smoking and alcohol is Strictly Prohibited in Campus.
  • Always Maintain a proper decorum in Class.
  • Make sure to be in discipline, respect your Yoga teacher and mentors
  • Maintain Healthy interpersonal relationship
  • Always try to be on time.
  • Before Departure returns your all borrowings.

Refund Policy for 100 Hour Yoga Teacher Training

  • Advance course fees will not be refundable.
  • If the student cancels the course, we accept cancellation but advance deposit will not be refunded in cancellation.
  • There is no charge of course cancellation, student just has to inform by email.
  • All candidates are advised to compulsorily consider the time and resources for the course before sending an application for Yttc. Money deposited at the end of the application is non-refundable. Which ever in case of peace allows the students of Shudh Atma Yoga School for any other schedule course.

Frequently Asked Questions

Enrollment into our courses is accepted on the criteria of a “First-come-first-served” basis. Make sure to provide a correct email. After the submission of the application form, we will contact you via an email which will take a week to process. You can send us your email on and for any query or doubt simply call us on +91-7535079111.

Our 100 hour Yoga teacher training does not demand any such pre-certification. You simply have a willingness to learn and have that zeal in you. We provide 100 hour yoga teacher training for passionate candidates who genuinely have an interest in yoga. But we seriously demand a 3-5 week daily practice of vinyasa and a few basic yoga postures just so that it would get a bit easier for you to catch the postures and techniques. But in terms of any pre-certification, no, we don't demand such a 100 hour yoga teacher training category.

Yes, After the completion of the program, you will be certified. After which you can register with the national organization called “Yoga Alliance” which “registers” teachers.

Yoga is best done with an empty stomach. As you can see in our daily schedule (chart) we follow a routine in which basic prayers, pranayama, shat kriya, and hatha asanas are done before breakfast. This circle starts from 6 AM in the morning and ends up at 9 AM. Breakfast starts at 9 AM. That is quite a reasonable and right time to have something in the morning. But still, if you want to eat something, we will advise you to have it at least an hour before the routine starts.

Pure soul yoga schools cannot neglect the dietary requirements for a yogic. We provide a delicious and healthy meal. The daily meal is parted into three important times, breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Our food is 100% (satvik bhojan) pure vegetarian, raw, lactose-free, fruitarian and Organic. The quality and variety of food we provide are matchless.

We do not compromise with the basic amenities, hygiene, and quality of living. Pure Soul Yoga School provides its students top class living environment. We provide both private and shared room service depending upon your wish and budget. Basic amenities like attached toilets, clean drinking water, wifi, laundry are available. We provide a daily Cleaning and dusting facility, have ATMs, cafes, restaurants, shops near to the building.

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